«And yet it moves!»


    N.О.Bazhyna, О.G.Bazhyn. «I See The Earth!»


The dynamics of a child's understanding of environment imitates the process of world perception by the whole human race. At first, it a primitive perception, then, it is a detailed analysis of processes and phenomena, identification of laws and rules. It is not always possible to make it with no mistakes. Sometimes, solving of natural mysteries becomes possible only when unconventional decisions are made. The classical example of it is when Alexander the Great cuts the Gordian knot, which is impossible to untie. Change of conditions in solving of mathematical riddle "Game of 15" Samuel Lloyd is also the example that it was correct and became the only one!

The nature has still got numerous unsolved mysteries. Although the answers to them are somewhere near, the human beings are still beating about the bush. However, the speculations around erroneous perception, guesses and assumptions are massive.

The example of two photographs, episodic and more detailed, demonstrates understanding of the fact in space and time.

FOREWORD. Epigraph.

The subjects will be researched and discussed without complicated theoretical statements and theories.

The example is V.A.Obruchev, the academician, who taught to never subtilize or complicate matters. A short abstract of all sections of the book.

Section І. RIVERS. Epigraph.

Based on the Rule of Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis and the Law of Karl Ernst von Baer, and based on the author's drawings and photographs, we answer the question on the conditions, under which a high bank occurs on the rivers of the Northern and the Southern hemispheres of the Earth.

Presence of the beds of former rivers with a high left bank in the Northern part of our plant becomes the main evidence of ROTATION of the Earth.

Section II. MAMMOTHS. Epigraphs

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