«And yet it moves!»

Did the mammoths exist in permanent frost, or did they happened to be in it afterwards? Together with the fictitious characters of Conan Doyle, the museum artifacts of the Mezino site discovered by V.Ye.Kurilenko, and some other examples, we describe and state that the mammoths together with the territories they had been occupying were brought to the permanent frost due to the very phenomena of ROTATION.


A simple experiment with playdough balls and shotgun pellets is provided. Photographs and X-ray images of this experiment confirm that similarly to the pellets, coal from the surface of the Earth got down to the depth of several hundreds of meters exactly due to ROTATION.


Main Statement: The Earth ROTATES. In the Eastern hemisphere – from the North to the South, and in the Western hemisphere – from the South to the North. ROTATION occurs in both hemispheres relatively to the Equator.

Consequences of this ROTATION (at the beginning of formation of our planet): 1).- occurrence of more or less stable contours at the border of the sea and the land, mountain masses and plains, with rivers, lakes, swamps.

2).- origination of life in flora and fauna, evolution of protozoan organisms into types and development of biocenosis; 3) –accumulation and formation of carbon-hydrogen power carriers)

                  Influence of this ROTATION (our planet in the present time):

4) - this is the main factor of global climate change, together with man-induced factors, and, as a consequence, biological, social and political changes in the life of the Earth's inhabitants.

Relevance of this ROTATION (forecast of possible geological changes)

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