«And yet it moves!»

5)    - these changes may be represented by elevation and lowering of the surface of the Earth (the Earth's crust), which in accordance with the Main Statement for the zones «before the Equator – after the Equator» of both hemispheres will be relevantly either lowering or elevation based on the following formula: Rpole<Rmean<Requator, where the mean radius of our Planet Rmean will be higher or lower then the radii at the poles and at the Equator. And this is the main reason of occurrence of earthquakes inland and at the bottom of oceans and seas.

Section IV. «FROM US TO YOU!» Epigraph.

1. Believe it or not!

The assumption that the Speed of ROTATION of the Earth is approximately 40 meters per year. This value is small, although real. A human being cannot visually perceive this movement by far. The consequences of this movement, or ROTATION, are described in the previous sections.

2.  Physical features of heat exchange.

The popular formula explains preservation of solar heat on the Earth. ROTATION and  economic activities of human beings become the main reasons of global warming.

  1. Find a mare's nest!
    Reasons of earthquakes are discovered.
  1. Movement is life!

Theoretic discussion on development of biological life on the Earth.

5. Inquisition.


Phantasmagoria. The host and the guests of the program meet in the studio of the radio station. Galileo Galilei is also among them. The subject of climatic changes is discussed. The phrase thrown by the participants of the dialogue – «will stop the rotation of the program» – caused the rage of Galilei. The conflict is settled. The contented Galileo Galilei proclaims his famous: «E pur si muove!...» which in translation means «And yet it moves!»


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