«And yet it moves!»


Dear readers! We have raised natural matters of existence of our Planet. The humorous presentation style of this material, simple form of explaining and its illustration in direct and figurative meaning as simply as possible, to our opinion, make the book easy and amusing.

But the first negative feedback is that our book is hard to understand. Is it our fault that we suggested the raw manuscript to the readers, or is it that we haven't added all the pictures and photographs, or did the readers lack time and brush it aside... We hope that in the book form everything will take its place!

Although, perhaps, the reason is also that we ourselves cannot decide upon the genre of the book, which looks like a manual to the globe, where instead of the globe, the readers hold the Earth alive in their hands?This is an instruction of prognostication: earthquakes,tsunami, Global Warming and their impact on development of social – political issues.  And this manual, as any other manual, should be read slowly and immediately perform what has been read?!

   Time will show!


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